Rather than over $100/hr. for commercial work or $80/hr. for residential work, the charge here is $70/hr for residential. (plus parts & inspection fees). This saves you 30 or more dollars each hour!

Some companies refuse to use anything except their parts. With Daggett Electric, the parts can be yours OR you can pay us to get the parts. You only pay for the time (hourly) to get the parts plus the price we pay for them, not a marked-up price.

This low rate is possible by not wasting gas $ and time to play the “BID” guessing game, where one job has to make enough profit to cover the time and gas spent on jobs not received. If your job is easy and short, it SHOULD be inexpensive.

A 2-hour minimum charge applies and, if a greater-than-usual distance away, a small additional trip charge. Any time over the minimum is on a ¼ hr. basis. Company is based in Eagan, MN.

Small jobs very welcome!